• Carbon Fiber Mold Making Starter Kit

Gorilla carbonworks Mold Starter kit was designed to provide a great hard high gloss mold for carbon fiber parts, finished molds can be used to produce parts made from just about any composite

This kit contains

  1. low-odor Sculpting epoxy dough mix to be 700ml
  2. 120 ml Epoxy Gel coat with hardener
  3. 15 g Mold Release W
  4. 25ml PVA Mold Release Agent
  5. 1" brush 
  6. 1 scaled Mixing pot and 2 sticks 
  7. Latex Gloves

This kit is perfect for making small, detailed molds for a wide range of parts. The amount of material included in kit should allow you to make at least 2 or 3 smaller molds or one large mold (up to 12"x12")

compatible with GorillaTM carbon fiber starter kit

For full instruction please visit our instruction page.

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Carbon Fiber Mold Making Starter Kit

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